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Custom Holsters

Center Mass Concealment Holsters makes custom Kydex holsters for carrying a firearm. We make Inside the Waistband Holsters (IWB), Outside the Waistband Holsters (OWB), Magazine Pouches.

Center Mass Concealment Holsters are built from years of experience of carrying a concealed weapon and as a former conceal carry instructor.

Just like you, when conceal carry started becoming even more popular, we tried just about every holster style on the market and we were still not satisfied.

Things needed to change from duty-style holsters or cheap made fabric holsters with a clip on them, to something that was purpose-built around conceal and carry. The holster needed to hold tighter to the body and conceal better under normal everyday clothing, unlike the duty-style holster, be more rugged than a cheap fabric pocket with a clip that fits a variety of weapons similar in size.

We set out to design holsters that will ride higher and tighter to the body, and conceal under normal everyday clothing. No need for an expensive concealment vest. Our holsters are rugged without compromising comfort for all-day carry!

“It All Conceals Here, at Center Mass Concealment Holsters”

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